Sunday, July 14, 2019

Dear Members, I hope you are at your best.

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*Dear Members, Hope you are at your best *

At the request of many distinguished members on our site. The way you work on the site will be explained in a very easy way.
But please follow these steps in order.

1. All you need to do is register on the site and simply put your wallet title and write your password.

2 - Click on registration after completing the required data


3. Once you complete the registration process, you'll be signed in to your main account page.
1 - First arrow in black - to re-invest the balance within the portfolio.
2. Red arrow II - for your site data.
3 - The third arrow in yellow - for plans that work within your account.
4. The fourth arrow in green - for transactions within your account.
5 - The fifth arrow in blue - for drawn withdrawals from within your account.
6 - The sixth arrow in brown - special profit referrals called through your link.
7- Seventh arrow in orange - special for your invitation link.
8 - Eighth arrow in black - the number of invitations invited through your link.

4. Invest in the right plan for you, click the button "Invest Now"

5. After requesting the appropriate plan - you are directed to the payment page of the plan.
1. The black arrow is for the specified plan amount.
2 - arrow in blue type your name.
3 - arrow in red - type the following name.
4. Yellow arrow - Type your email address.
5. Brown Arrow After completing all of the steps above, click "buy full".
Note: The yellow boxes are the details of the plan.

6. After all previous actions have been completed - you are automatically taken to the final payment page.
1. The arrow in blue - the title of the payment portfolio to which the plan amount will be sent.
2. The arrow in black is the one-hour payment process.
3. Green arrow Amount of amount to be paid